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About Us


To Accelerate Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Spirit.


A “digital assembly line” to make your ideas real.


We get that it is fashionable today for other companies to list their “values.” In most cases, as we all suspect, those “values” don’t really work  because the company drops them at the first moment it becomes a disadvantage to stick to them. At Tech House, we’ve had the same core values since we started. We never compromise on them, even when they might be to our disadvantage.  

That’s what makes them true Core Values—and not marketing.

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Continuous Self-Improvement

Each of us has unlimited potential. Every day, we work to tap that potential by building a better company and by being a better self. Better habits, sharper skills, knowledge, and personal awareness are the outcomes.


Honor your ability to create, because creative achievement is an infinite spring of positive pride and self-esteem.


In improving ourselves, in being creative, we must also optimize for fun and happiness. Not every moment will be easy or perfect, but life is too short and too valuable to not be enjoyed.

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